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A very interesting article!

Texas, USA (UMNS): A 140-member team of interpreters and technicians is making it possible for nearly 300 international delegates to the 2008 United Methodist General Conference to participate in worship, committee discussions and floor debates. Prior to the meeting, the interpreters received Global Ministries-produced glossaries on the church's specialized vocabulary and acronyms, published in German, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.


"To be faithful and neutral, especially when you have a theological background, is the hardest thing about being an interpreter," Busambwa said. "You have to get yourself out of the way and understand the context."

Former Global Ministries staff Irina Miagkova, who serves as a Russian interpreter from Westchester County, N.Y., experiences that problem in reverse. "Very often delegates ask for my opinion or try to explain their opinion to me," Miagkova said. "I tell them: `I appreciate it, but you'd better tell that to the other delegates.'"
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